Ladies Camp

Ladies Camps are designed for a fun, educational and social experience. Ladies camps are available as a three day camp; Friday – Sunday and a week long camp Monday – Friday.

We will work in the arena (Indoor Arena for bad weather) on Friday and then Saturday and Sunday morning with a trail ride out on the property in the afternoon.


Friday, October 13th – Sunday, October 15th: Ladies 3 Day Camp

Camp starts Friday at 9:00am and ends Sunday at 4:30pm

You may participate in a dressage or western saddle.

Cost: $400 per horse/rider

Includes Friday-Sunday stabling for your horse. Early departure and late arrival available.

Light breakfast foods and coffee all 3 mornings as well as lunch all 3 days.

Indoor arena, roundpen and outdoor arena as well as onsite hack paths and trails available.

Easy trailer access and hotels as well as restaurants close by.

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You can set up your owns ladies camp for you and your horsey friends or you can join one of the scheduled Ladies Horse Camps as well.

For more information Email: or contact Kristin DeLibero directly at 770-298-7415.


Clinics are offered for all levels of riders and horses. If you want to learn more about what western dressage is, or if you want to fine tune your tests and movements for competition these clinics will be beneficial to you.

I follow the classical clinic agenda of individual or two riders per riding spot. That way you will get the most beneficial coaching and learning you can for the day. As part of the full day clinic you are encouraged to audit when you are not riding to continue to learn from the day.

Auditors are always welcome!

One Day Clinics;

Clinics run from 9am – 4:30pm with lunch included. Auditors are welcome at $30 for the day and that includes lunch. Horse/Rider spots include all day auditing, lunch and a rider spot. Individual spot for private instruction is $75 and group spot of two riders is $50 for the day. **Stalls are available as well as overnight stabling.** Participants are invited to attend the One day clinic and stay over for a private lesson and instruction the following day as well. Email: for additional information. Or call 770-298-7415

Indoor arena, Roundpen and outdoor arena available.

Easy trailer access.

Upcoming Clinic Dates:

August 26th- Practice a Test – Saturday 9:00am – 4:30pm located in Canton, GA

September 16th – Saturday 9:00am – 4:30pm located in Canton, GA

October 13th – October 15th – Ladies 3 Day Camp located in Canton, GA

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For information on having Kristin DeLibero come in and teach a clinic at your facility please Contact DeLibero Western Dressages horses here and get more information. Kristin will travel to your location world wide.

My Horse Is My Partner.

So many times I hear people complaining,

My horse won’t _________.

My horse was against me today.

My horse ___________________.

I am sure you have all heard people talking at horse shows and blaming their horse for the day or the ride that they had.

I want to share a very true story that just happened to me and a new horse I am showing for a client. We were at his second horse show ever this past weekend.

He is a great partner, I can always count on him to be there with me and willing. But partner is a two way street! I have to be a good partner to have a good partner.

He was amazing in the warm up on Friday evening. Soft, with me, it felt amazing. Of course I was excited to start showing Saturday to see how we did.

Saturday morning I did our normal routine, I lunged him around for a minute, got on and did my warm up. However he was a little stiff on the right side and not wanting to stay off of my right leg. So I kept warming up until I felt like he was softer, more responsive off my inside right leg, and with me.

I entered the arena for our first test…….and quickly realized he was not infront of my leg. He was not wanting to push forward and sucked back a little. He did every maneuver I asked just a little flat.

I came out of the ring, and instead of saying he was not forward off my leg enough, he, he, he…… I looked at why was my partner flat and not as energetic to be forward? I had to be the good partner on my side and ask what I did on my side of the partnership.

Sunday, I did not lunge him and did a very minimal warm up. So we trotted down towards A and I felt him “up” with a lot of energy under me. For a split second I thought, oh gosh I have to much horse today this could go badly. BUT I learned as a partner I had to make sure my horse had enough energy and strength to be where I needed him to be.

We had our best test ever, and he was forward, willing and easy to maneuver around the arena. I learned what I needed to do as his partner to make sure I found what he needed to be the best partner he could be for me.

Sometimes it is easier to blame then to ask the questions, think and try something different to learn about what your partner needs from you. But if you want a True Partnership just remember it always works both ways.